I’ve got feedback about one of the stories on 10 News First

It’s best if you lodge queries or comments directly with the News team in your local area.

The contact details for these include:

10 News First: @10newsfirst
10 News First in Melbourne: @10newsfirstmelb / facebook.com/TENnewsmelb
10 News First in Sydney: @10newsfirstsyd/ facebook.com/TENnewssydney
10 News First in Queensland: @tennewsqld / facebook.com/TENnewsqueensland

10 News First in Adelaide: @TenNewsADEL / facebook.com/TENadelaide

10 News First Perth: @TenNewsPerth

How can I send in weather photos or request that Tim Bailey present the weather from my school?

You can contact Tim at dailybailey@ten.com.au